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Frequently Asked Questions
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About our user types and registration:

  1. Who can become a Superhero?
    • Any child 18 years old or younger with a chronic or prolonged medical condition can be a Help Your Hero Superhero. All Superhero accounts require the consent of their parents/legal guardian.
  2. What do you define as a medical condition?
    • Help Your Hero defines a "medical condition" as any chronic disease or disability and/or prolonged illness or state that requires treatment or management as diagnosed by a physician or health professional.
  3. I know someone who is over 18 that has a medical condition. Can they become a Superhero?
    • At this time the Help Your Hero Superhero experience is only allowed for children 18 years old or younger with a medical condition. It is our hope that this will change in the future, but we've got to start somewhere!
  4. I am a friend/relative of a child with a medical condition. Can I sign them up myself?
    • Unfortunately, no. The Help Your Hero website has been specifically configured to comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), which requires us to have consent from the child's parent/legal guardian. We recommend that you direct the parents of the child you'd like to see become a Superhero to our site through our "Refer a Superhero" program (which you can access through the My Control Center link panel on your account). You'll gain points for each referral that signs up!
  5. What is a "SuperFriend"?
    • SuperFriend is our special name for any member on our site that is connected to a Superhero. This includes family and friends that you bring to the site as well as any new friends you connect with through the site.
  6. My child is under 13 and wants to be a SuperFriend. How do I sign him/her up?
    • Unfortunately. we are not able to provide any child under 13 years old with an account. However we have plenty of things are the site that do not require a membership and are accessible to everyone.
  7. How do I reset my password?
  8. Can I register by phone instead of online?
    • Since Help Your Hero is an online community, we require all our members to create an account online. If you'd like assistance with the registration process, you can give us a call at 859-441-6393 while you are at your computer.

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About making Connections with other users:

  1. I've received a Connection request, but I don't know who it's from. How do I handle it?
    • Unfortunately at this time we do not have a way for you to contact the requester through the system. If you accept the request, however, you will have the opportunity to delete the connection. We highly recommend that you inform your friends and family that filling out the message box on the connection request helps you determine who they are and accept their request faster.
  2. I made a Connection with another user, but now I'd prefer to not be connected. How can I un-connect?
    • We hate to hear that, but disconnecting is easy. Click on the "Connections" link in your My Control Center links panel (right side of the site). Locate the person you wish to disconnect and click the white square box on the right side of their blue header bar. Click "Delete Selected" at the bottom of your connections list.

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About the Control Center:

  1. How do I use my Wall?
    • The Wall is the ideal place to share thoughts, jokes or notes about what's going on with you that only your Connections will see. You can think of it as a combination of Facebook and Twitter, but in a much more simplified way. Things posted on the Wall are meant more for "checking in", rather than generating conversations, though it's certainly possible to chat back and forth on the Wall. Just know that everything you post on your Wall is seen by everyone who visits your profile. If you're looking for a private conversation, you can start a messaging session instead.
  2. How do I upload an image to share on another user's Wall?
    • At this time, photos can only be shared through your own Gallery. After uploading an image to the gallery, it will automatically appear on the Feed, allowing all your Connections to see it. If you'd like to send the photo privately, you can send it to them in a message instead.
  3. How can I have a private conversation with another user that won't show up on the Feed?
    • There is a built-in messaging system that works a lot like email. You can send messages to your Connections by either clicking on "Messages" in your Control Center, then clicking "Message a Connection", and clicking "Send Private Message" next to the member you'd like to message. Or, you can locate the member in you Connections list, and click "Send Private Message" next to their name.
  4. I'm receiving too many notification emails. How do I turn them off?
    • In your Control Center, click on "Manage Profile". Under the Information & Settings heading, click on "Preferences". Adjust your notification settings, then click "Save My Settings" at the bottom.

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About Unity and story writing:

  1. Can you explain this whole "writing my hero's story" thing?
    • The basic point of providing Superhero caricatures for children with medical conditions is to give them an outlet of creativity and fun that allows them to deal with their condition while overcoming the struggles they may be experiencing. When we say "writing," we are really suggesting that creating a story around the child that utilizes the fantastic realm of a comic-book style universe is a great method of keeping that child focused on the good. Writing doesn't have to mean penning a novel. Sharing ideas, brainstorming how the Superhero could react to certain events, creating artwork and playing games all feed into the process of writing the hero's story.
  2. I'm not very good at creative writing, but I don't want to sit on the sidelines. How can I participate?
    • First, we'll suggest that you check out our Community Writing page to get an idea of what you can do. Even if you don't feel like you can write an eloquent sentence, you do have the power to suggest a new direction to the story in very simple ways. If participating in this way still doesn't work for you, then you should make sure to at least try to follow along what others are writing, and perhaps spend more time commenting and encouraging your hero through their blog posts. Remember that your primary function as a SuperFriend is to support and encourage your hero, so even if it takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, understand that it's what he or she needs, and they will greatly appreciate knowing that you are there, you're reading along and you care!
  3. Does my Superhero have to have stories? Could we just use the Superhero caricature on its own?
    • You certainly can. Help Your Hero's services are designed somewhat a la cart, meaning that you are free to use some features, but not others, to suit your needs. We do, however, feel it's important to suggest that without at least a backstory, the caricature will mean very little as a representation of the child's Superhero.
  4. Too many people are trying to add to a hero's story at once. How do we prevent that?
  5. I'm a Superhero, and I don't feel comfortable letting other people write my story. Can I do it on my own?
    • Absolutely! Just ask your parents to assist with letting others know that's how you'd like to do it.
  6. What is "Unity" and how does it relate to my Superhero?
    • Unity is the city that all Superheroes live within in our Hero-verse. It is a fictional city, and is the setting for your hero's stories. For more about Unity, read its Amazing Story or take the tour.
  7. Help Your Hero seems to be all about positive things, but I'd like my story to include violence. Can it?
    • We understand that a certain amount of "rough and tumble" is going to happen as our heroes write stories about confronting their nemeses. We also understand that things may need to get a bit bleak according to what our heroes are facing in their real lives. All we can truly do is to remind all our writers that you have a community of readers, and you should try your best to gauge what your readers will feel comfortable with. Also, it is never appropriate to use foul, obscene, derogatory or discriminatory language anywhere on Help Your Hero's site, even within stories. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun and uplifting experience for everyone. If you need to include violence, do so appropriately and for the shortest amount of time as possible.
  8. Is there some guide about what sort of things are allowed in the "Hero-verse" world of Unity?
    • We are constantly building our resources for Unity and the Hero-verse. The current information can be found in our Community Interaction Guide.

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About our online Store:

  1. I want to order a personalized t-shirt with my Superhero's name/caricature. How can I be sure I get everything right?
    • It's very important to first read the instructions in the product description for any personalized product. Follow the instructions for order without errors. The best way to ensure that your Superhero's name is spelled correctly is to copy it from their Headquarters. Make sure it does not have an "'s" at the end!
  2. It says to sign in for member pricing, but when I sign in, the pricing does not change.
    • Not all products have special member pricing, and not all member types are offered discounts when they do occur.
  3. What do the letters and numbers in the product description mean?
    • These are internal codes used to process your order properly.

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About Help Your Hero's Fundraising Resources:

  1. I'd like to use one of the ideas listed on your site. Do I have to pay you a fee?
    • No. Help Your Hero, LLC does not charge for the use of our fundraising ideas.
  2. Will Help Your Hero organize and coordinate our fundraiser?
    • We are unable to assist with any fundraising coordination, but we do have a Fundraising Quick Start Guide that offers advice on how to organize a fundraiser. You can download that here.
  3. I want to include my hero's caricature image on my fundraiser materials. Am I allowed to do that, and where can I get print-ready files?
    • You may use any of the caricature files located in the Superparent's photo gallery for personal use. You may use any of those files on fundraiser materials that you will not be selling, such as an invitation, a flyer or a banner. If you wish to sell items with the caricature on it, you must purchase the items through the Help Your Hero Store.
  4. My Superhero needs money for their medical expenses. Does Help Your Hero offer financial assistance?
    • We do not raise money for individual Superheroes, and we do not offer financial assistance. We do, however, have a library of ideas for raising funds on our Fundraising page.
  5. Can I request that my hero's Connections donate to a PayPal account I have created?
    • If you would like to provide a link to Superhero’s Headquarters to raise funds for that Superhero (e.g. a Paypal account), only a parent or Legal Guardian shall be permitted to set up a Paypal account for a Superhero. If you choose to set up your personal Paypal account and promote it, HYH asks that you disclose to others how the donated funds will be used for the Superhero. In the event that HYH is contacted about how the funds are to be used for a Superhero, HYH will refer such inquires directly to the parent or legal guardian of said Superhero. HYH does not and cannot accept any donations for specific or on behalf of specific Superheroes.

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About Help Your Hero:

  1. How can I contact Help Your Hero about a media appearance or interview?
    • Please contact Jackie Waters at or 859-441-6393 or 859-743-3939 for more information.
  2. Are there positions available to work at Help Your Hero?
    • Not at this time, but we do plan to add to our creative team in the future. Check back with us!
  3. Is Help Your Hero a tax-exempt, non-profit organization?
    • No. We sent our application for tax-exempt, non-profit status to the IRS in June 2011, and it was denied. We tried to make some of the changes they suggested, but it became clear that in order to receive non-profit status, we would be required to change most of what we wanted to do. Our mission was too important to alter just to get the IRS's blessing. We made the decision to move forward as a for-profit business so that we are able to do what we envisioned for our Superheroes and their SuperFriends. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. Why does Help Your Hero use ".org" for its URL?
    • While ".org" is typically believed to belong only to non-profits, it's actually appropriate for any type of organization. We identify as an organization, rather than a company, due to our mission of bringing people together with many of our services.
  5. I got a call/email/letter asking for a donation for Help Your Hero. Is this legitimate?
    • If you are contacted by someone posing as one of our representatives, please contact us immediately.

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